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Have you ever experienced a sense of overwhelm where you felt suffocated? Have you ever been so preoccupied that you drove to where you always go, but realize you have to be somewhere else that one time? Mindfulness is an elevated form of awareness that cuts through these problems like a scorching hot knife through butter.

The benefits of mindfulness are countless. Most people don’t even realize the amount of business impact it can have. Here are some of the awesome ones right off the bat.



1. More money in your pockets.

Once upon a time I noticed a young individual attempting to sell a product to an older lady while she was walking down the street. He was telling her all about the perks hastily as she darted her eyes around and bobbled her feet. If the young one had just known how awful the situation was, he would have saved them both some time. Having a greater understanding of how your thoughts and perspective is being received by the other party will allow you to make better sales, communicate your ideas, and express your concerns much more effectively. Being able to get across to the other party increases your chance for a promotion, for extra commission, and greater consideration for bonuses. Who doesn’t enjoy extra cushion money?


2. More friends in the workplace.

It is a superpower to be able to realize when your co-workers are in need of assistance or when you are offending others. I remember when I was about to make a quick remark in good humor at work, I caught myself before it slipped out of my mouth. Those words might not have been so humorous to some of the people at the meeting! Having mindfulness on your team is like having a radar telling you how to improve relations at the workplace, leading to more humor and enjoyment. This usually also leads to a higher income because people like you more. 😉


3. More productivity throughout the day.

When we divulge our thoughts and feelings spontaneously, we can respond to blocks and inhibitors in our thinking immediately. I know when that box of donuts come floating in on a magical cloud with my co-worker, I immediately lose my mind to the memories of having donuts with family. Being able to catch myself in this process allows me to snap back to work, or choose to grab a donut, scarf it down, and get back to work. Handling your own thoughts will allow you to naturally hop around to where you need to be more deliberately.


4. Less emotional outbreaks.

Most of us have had times where we felt like we were on a tiny sail boat and was being washed away by the storm of emotions. That time when everything just came crashing down on us at the same time, your mom called, your dog died, your cat ran away, and ate your mouse on the way out, and it just kept on going. Rage. Sorrow. Grief. These are common and normal times to breakdown and have a major reaction if we are not aware of the warning signs. Mindfulness gives us the ability to see the warning signs, to look for the oncoming cars before we step into the crosswalk of our emotional highways, resulting in significantly less damaging and painful emotional responses. This reflects as maturity and fortitude in your business, increasing chance of promotion and more trusting clients!


5. Less missed moments.

It is a Friday afternoon and you’re twiddling the pen in your fingers, checking the time every 10 seconds because it feels like an eternity has gone by…and you’re still here. You are sitting ten feet away from the presenter, and yet you are unable to hear anything they have to say. Your mind has wandered off to the weekend, hours before your body can get there. Being more mindful allows you to capture the critical pieces of information in presentations so that you may recall them at times of need. You may even start to enjoy the little things the presenter is doing!


Mindfulness is an art in itself and this is just the beginning. Your kungfu mind is awaiting your preparation of this scorching hot knife so that it may cut through the butter of mundane daily routines. How do you get started? Stay tuned for action steps!