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You Are Stopping Yourself From Success And Here’s Why

Want to have more time in your day to do the things you want?

Want to get over that frustrating anxiety or fear that nags at you from the inside?

It can happen sooner than you’ve been led to believe.

Because there are powerful ways Your Kungfu Mind can shape your future.

Before we get a grasp on having more fun while achieving more, let’s talk about why you are successfully sabotaging yourself.


What Is The Biggest Human Need Beyond Survival?


Some might say the need to love and feel loved.

Others may picture the need to feel important or significant.

But what does this mean in terms of finding a solution?

How many different types of programs can you imagine for these two ambiguous needs?

And when you do find a viable program, what is it that makes you stop using it so soon?

Because we all know what diet and exercise regime would work, but we don’t stick to it.

This is because the most compelling human need is not talked about.

The biggest need is to feel familiar.

We like being around people we are familiar with.

We like doing things we are familiar with.

We like living in places we are familiar with.

We like feeling familiar feelings and that can’t happen when you are changing!

So what does our naive mind do? We stop ourselves from growing.

When we grow, we are going beyond our ceiling.

We are uncomfortable because we do not feel familiar things once we burst beyond the clouds of what we know.

But as a child, we are all familiar with one thing: Fun.

When you are having fun, you will overpower the sensations of being unfamiliar and you can:

  • Experience things in the moment
  • Amplify the use of your time
  • Transcend into the material and learn faster

You will EAT well when you are having fun.

Want to multiply your success AND have more fun?

Let me show you how you can feel more alive each day and spread enthusiasm onto others.

Check out our free presentation on developing Your Kungfu Mind today!

Take Your Leap to Making an Impact.

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